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Bowling Pin Critters

KC and I may have lost our minds.

Last March, Parkway Bowl in El Cajon was selling off its old bowling pins and we decided those old pins would make spectacular critters. We bought 60 of them. We didn't know it at the time, but "modern" bowling pins are encased in a thick layer of vinyl which does NOT want to come off. So then we thought, leave the vinyl, and you've got some seriously good lawn art! Talk about upcycling.

So me, Bubbers-the-cat, and KC set to work priming the vinyl and making bases so the pins wouldn't fall over (that's what pins are supposed to do after all). And voila! Blank canvases for every critter you can imagine.

Then we asked our FB friends to weigh in (yes we're old, we're on FB). What sort of critter do you see? Tons of great suggestions later, below are the critters we came up with.

We were supposed to have a bowling pin painting party, but Covid ended that. Still looking forward to having one though.

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