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The art college, where I earned my bachelor's degree, insisted that I spend a year in the fine art department before venturing onto a degree in Graphic Design. I pouted about it; I was so sure I wanted to become a graphic designer. But then I met oil paint, linseed oil, and turpentine (a heady perfume to me then and now). Instantly, I found a passion for painting.

 I blame my mother for the cat-as-subject-matter love thing. Growing up, my family always had a cat, and that fur ball was always the center of attention. Not to mention a huge source of amusement. To this day, I lovingly remember every single one of those fur babies as a particular personality. (If you want a good laugh, watch a cat do stuff).

Then I met my husband, the contractor, who can build just about anything, and always, always encouraged me to paint. Our families call him MacGyver. We've been married for over 30 years and he's really come in handy. He figured out how to master our new professional camera within an hour, and which mediums to use in order to create the best product we could. He's also a very loving cat-daddy, despite growing up with ducks for pets, Wiggles and Waddles, may they rest in peace. (For some reason, our cats, Bubbers and Sweet Pea, prefer him, even though I'm the one who puts up with them more. There is no justice).

We see these paintings as the love child of fine art, graphic design, and pure adoration of cats. Our hope is that you recognize one of your own cat's expressions since every one of the little furry buggers (Felis catus!) has a major CATTITUDE.

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