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"Birds of a Feather", Coaster 4" x 4"

"Birds of a Feather", Coaster 4" x 4"


Decoupaged reproductions of original art work on 4" x 4" tumbled marble tiles, and sealed with epoxy resin. The underside is backed by cork and signed by the artist. The tiles originate from the Jurassic era (144 - 206 million years ago). Each tile has a distinct personality (just like a cat!), is not perfectly square, and has natural-stone imperfections.

  • Shipping Costs:

    FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $44.00 or more (excluding any applicable taxes* or shipping charges).


    Orders less than $44.00 will be subject to USPS Priority flat rate shipping charges:


    Small box (coasters only) ships for $7.20.


    Small padded envelope (one coaster, or one trivet) ships for $7.20.


    Medium box (any order which includes more than one trivet) ships for $13.65.


    *California addresses will be charged sales tax.


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