Cornered I is, Trivet 6x6 inches

Cornered I is, Trivet 6x6 inches


Our trivets are reproductions of original art work which have been decoupaged onto 6x6 inch tiles, and sealed with 4 coats of high gloss polyurethane. The underside is backed by cork and individually signed. The tiles themselves are tumbled marble from the Jurassic era (144 - 206 million years ago). Each marble tile has a distinct personality (just like a cat!), is not perfectly square, and has natural-stone imperfections. Use as a coaster or display on an easel. Buy one at a time, or build a collection.

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  • Marble Tiles:

    Our coasters and trivets are adhered to ancient marble, are not perfectly square, and are textured by nature. They have organic holes and flea bites, which we find beautiful. We chose these marble stones over smooth ceramic tile because they have individual personalities and a ton of history, just like cats.

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